Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET) Gateway

The Enterprise Ireland Medical and Engineering Technology (MET) Gateway is an interdisciplinary Technology Gateway providing accredited cutting-edge, industry focussed solutions for SMEs and larger organisations across the MedTech, Engineering and Lifesciences sectors.

Based at GMIT’s Galway campus, the MET Technology Gateway offers a range of applied innovative supports relevant to companies in the product design application phase. By actively engaging with clinical and industry partners, the MET Technology Gateway produces both knowledge and technology outputs across a range of streams.

The MET Centre was established in 2016. There are currently over 20 researchers engaged in the centre, including staff and students from multiple academic departments.

Supported by Enterprise Ireland, and run in conjunction with GMIT, the mission of the MET Gateway is to:
– Provide open access to industry to technological expertise within GMIT.
– Generate solutions for close-to-market needs of companies.
– Serve as a portal for companies to wider expertise throughout the Technology Gateway Network.


There are five key thematic areas in MET:

  • Medical Imaging Technologies

Our medical imaging suite includes a purpose built fluoroscope facility, ultrasound equipment and SEM microscope.

  • Anatomical Modelling and Physiological Replication

Translation of medical data into engineering data and finally into clinically endorsed best-in-class anatomical models with accompanying simulation systems.

  • Data Visualisation and Analytics

The expertise in data analytics and the visualisation of clinical data that inform the design of next generation medical device prototypes.

  • Design Verification Technologies

Provision of 3D CAD design, rapid prototyping in 3D printing and 4 axis machining, technical reviews, product testing and more.

  • Medicinal Nutrition and Sport

The concept of medicinal nutrition encompasses functional foods and foods for health. The research team at MET can support the food and sport industries in all aspects of research, development, innovation, and novel product design to help meet the increasing consumer demand for healthy products.

Medicinal Nutrition and Sport

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