Sport and Exercise Analysis and Technologies

MET has a wide range of expertise, skills and advanced equipment available to industry to support the development of Sports and Exercise products and research.

The equipment listed below can be used in human trials and studies to further enhance product development.

VO2 max testing at MET

Maximal Oxygen Uptake / VO2 max testing

MET’s Cortex Metalyzer can carry out the VO2 max testing across a range of exercise activities including:

  • Running: MET’s state of the art Woodway PRO XL high-performance treadmill
  • Rowing: the Concept II ergometer testing individuals under conditions more specific to on water rowing
  • Cycling: with the ability to customise the VO2 max test and connect to the Wahoo KICKR to redefine limits
VO2 max testing at MET

Lactate Testing

Using a small hand-held, quick, and easy lactate analyser, Lactate PRO2 gives accurate results in just 15 seconds during an aerobic test.

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull testing

To examine an athlete’s rate of force development, balance of strength (left side versus right), and total power output. The Mid-Thigh Pull set-up includes two 1000Hz digital force plates and a newly designed back squat feature.

Test speed and agility with the Fusion Sport Smart Speed PRO system

Arguably the best timing system on the market, the Smart Speed Pro facilitates multiple forms of testing such as reaction timing, sprint timing, power and acceleration, agility, and competitive dual lane testing.

Smart Speed Pro at MET

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