Innovation Partnership Programme – Project Feasibility Study

The Project Feasibility Study is not intended to be a standalone, discrete piece of research.

It is intended to provide a ‘stepping stone’ to enable researchers and third-level institutions to become involved in full Innovation Partnership projects with industrial partners.

Am I eligible?

All manufacturing, processing and internationally traded service companies, with an operating base in the Republic of Ireland, collaborating with Irish third-level institutions are eligible to participate.

Multi-partner consortiums are welcome to submit proposals.

How does it work?

The scope of the programme includes all science and engineering disciplines including environmental sciences, energy-efficient technologies, construction technologies as well as internationally traded service industries. The focus should be on a new product, process and/or services development.

The duration of a Project Feasibility Study will be not more than six calendar months from the agreed start date. An open call programme operates with monthly approvals.

The maximum grant awarded is €9,000.

Sources and further information:

This article was first published on the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways website.

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